People’s Republic of China (PRC) is nipping the root of Traditional Chinese Culture

Our current PRC President, apologizing for having forgotten his real name ,who has a nickname resembling “Hybrid”, has been exercising a policy that all superstitions should be banned.

This implies that Chinese Astrology, Palmistry, Ba Zi, Feng Shui, …… all sort of Traditional Chinese Culture are being eradicated. It is sad that PRC is led by such a short-sighted “Hybrid”.

Of course, he has a rationale to exercise modernization of China. As the previous presidents in PRC said, development is the hard-core of China today. Traditional Chinese culture, including Cantonese, BIG-5 fonts (whereas Simplified Chinese is GB18030/HZ/GB2312) and Confucianism, are all out-dated in PRC executive’s mindset. Some may render such a move as PRC’s narrow-mindedness against anti-PRC parties, but they forget the ultimate cause for the doomsday of elements of Traditional Chinese culture – the Cultural Revolution since 1960s.
It cannot be denied that the political propaganda of “Hybrid” includes heavily the ideology of Mao Zedong, who treats rivals harshly. He simply cannot accept the western values of pluralism.

Instead, he loves people praying for his pioneering goodwill. In this sense, to PRC, the creditability of Traditional Chinese Culutre is quite bad. No wonder the promotion of Putonghua has been quite intensive in Hong Kong SAR. By 2033, all Hong Kong students speak no Cantonese in but not limited to campus. To PRC, Putonghua is the sign of modernization of Chinese culture which lead to potent development in in-state economies. Not only this, the whole language systems have been regularly revised with PRC-coined terms.

Traditionally, we use the ideogram “太空”in meaning space travel., but now PRC has coined another ideogram “航天”owe to political reasons. This deed also shows PRC’s hatred to Traditional Chinese langauge system. Mao Zedong’s motto: “Development with Chinese characteristics”, is deeply imprinted in “Hybrid”’s policy-setting.

Now, when you go to mainland shopping for stationery for calendar, you will find something being missed out. Traditionally, the calendar for everyday should be printed with what should do and what should be avoided, and these 2 realms fall into PRC’s category of superstition. It seems that PRC do not trust Traditional Chinese Culture of Lunar Seasons. Modern Chinese lacks empathy, so we can use our retained one to understand PRC’s such anti-superstition decision making: Modern China cannot syand primodial villages and the knowledge Lunar Seasons equals underdevelopment of China. To compete with mega-modern states such as USA, PRC believes that all ancient auras in Chinese communities should be all eliminated. Then we discover the crux of matter.

Like pyramid, modern culture is based on broad base of foundations which constitutes manifolds of traditional culture. Modern values should be developed by its traditional culture. As to PRC, her modern culture is inverted Pyramid, the elements of her modern values are all mimicking other’s civilization. Even the pronunciation system of Putonghua plagiarizes English alphanumeric! Such modern culture is easy to be doomed whenever social unrest persists.

Anti-Cantonese is Anti-Chinese culture rooting because Cantonese is the consolidation of classic Chinese Literature. By the same token, Anti-PRC-deemed superstition is also Anti-Chinese culture rooting because Astrology is right the foundation of modern agriculture. Without agriculture no nation can be built. Simply put, PRC is going to shatter her own sovereignty!

Wake up, Comrades of all Chinese! Stop being cultural hybrids under globalized socio-economic rat-race by preserving Traditional Chinese culture before it is too late!